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Calling all Advertising and Design Agencies

We at Flags and Canopies have had a long history of working with advertising and design agencies. Basically we know what you guys need and how you are going to need it. When it comes down to it the ultimate aim, and sorry for cutting to the quick is that you want to make a quid.

Of course you need to be sure that what you are supplying your client is going to represent optimum quality at a great price.

We can help you with this as we have got coming very soon a very special "Agency Price List". This means that you as an onseller will be able to get super discounted prices on all our products, printed marquees, printed, gazebos as well as printed flags and custom printed tablecloths.

As you may be aware already we supply Australia wide and we don't charge freight so if you are an agency in Altona VIC with a client in Ayr QLD we can produce the goods with the minimum of fuss.

Get a heads up early by filling in this form and writing the word "AGENCY" in the further requirements.

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