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Printed Flags .pdf specification and Indesign

We can also forward templates in .ai

Printed Flags Templates

Feather Flags

FFB-24 2.4m Feather Flag Set  


FFB-30 3.0m Feather Flag Set           


FFB-40 4.0m Feather Flag Set            

FFB-49 4.9m Feather Flag Set            

Teardrop  Flags

TDF-23 2.3m Teardrop Flag  


TDF-27 2.7m Teardrop Flag   



TDF-37 3.7m Teardrop Flag   


TDF-46 4.6m Teardrop Flag           

Blade Flags

BLF25 2.5m Blade Flag  


BLF35 3.5m Blade Flag    



BLF45 4.5m Blade Flag  



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