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What can a Printed Marquee do for me?

If you visit one of the many outdoor shows and events in Australia you will see a huge number of pop up marquees. You know the kind...a few hundred bucks from a well known DIY warehouse. Blue seems to be the most popular colour, even in Queensland!

So why is it that for so many exhibitors who are going to all the trouble of attending a show: the complicated logistics of selecting and packing products, marketing material, hiring a trailer, booking a hotel room or two, taking time out of their normal schedule - which can soon add up to a spend of several thousand dollars - they don't consider the benefits of a professionally printed marquee?

This marquee will stand out from the blue-faded brigade and truly promote your brand or company from the moment you set up. It's one of the few display advertising products that has a practical purpose, offering shelter and protection from sun and rain whilst giving a professional appearance.

Printed marquees enable your potential customers to see you from afar, see what you are offering from several metres away, so they'll make a bee line to come and see you, bypassing the competition!

bland and not printed marquees

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