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Flags and Canopies Australia recognises the importance of the privacy of individuals who have dealings with Flags and Canopies, such as customers, suppliers and employees. Flags and Canopies Australia adheres to the Australian Privacy Principles, as required by the Privacy Act 1988. This policy outlines how Flags and Canopies Australia collect, use and manage personal information. 

Personal information collected by Flags and Canopies 

Flags and Canopies utilises some personal information for its business activities. Personal information that Flags and Canopies may hold includes the following: 

  • name, address and contact details;

  • bank account details;

  • details of the products and services provided to an individual by Flags and Canopies;

  • details of an individual’s dealings with Flags and Canopies, including records of telephone, email and online interactions;

How Flags and Canopies Collects Personal Information

Personal information is obtained directly from an individual where reasonable and practical. This information is obtained by the following means:

  • Telephone Enquiry, inbound and outbound

  • Internet Enquiry Form

  • Third Party Information


How we use your personal information

Flags and Canopies does collect, use and discloses personal information in order to provide a person or organisation with our products and services requested, and to respond to queries. Flags and Canopies  may also utilise personal information to provide further product information on products provided by Flags and Canopies.
Flags and Canopies ensures personal information is kept private and will only disclose personal information to third parties in limited circumstances. Third parties with whom Flags and Canopies usually exchanges information include: 

  • credit providers and credit reporting agencies;

  • an individual’s representatives;

  • Flags and Canopies professional advisers including legal, accounting, auditing and business consulting advisers;

  • government and regulatory authorities


Credit-Related Personal Information

Credit-Related Personal and Company Information

Flags and Canopies does provide products to its customers on credit. In relation to this credit, Flags and Canopies does  on occasion perform the functions listed beneath

Flags and Canopies may at times collect and retain any types of credit-related personal data concerning an individual or organisation  under the Privacy Act, this includes: 


Credit Reference Agencies

Court Records


This information is not shared unless requested from a government agency or body.


 Storage of Personal and Company Information

Flags and Canopies does not store credit card information, once the transaction is completed the information is destroyed.

Other information  is retained on secure servers which are not accessible from the internet.

Access to  Personal  and Company Information

Access to  Personal  and Company Information

In the interests of transparency a company or individual may gain access to any client information held by Flags and Canopies, 

In most cases an individual can access to or make changes to personal or company information held by Flags and Canopies. In order to access or update personal or company information held by Flags and Canopies, contact Flags and Canopies in writing. Flags and Canopies may need to confirm your identity. Flags and Canopies may apply a fee to cover the cost of this process.

Complaints and Further Information

Should an individual or company believe that Flags and Canopies has breached its privacy obligations or that an individual or company’s data protection rights in any way, a complaint can be made to Flags and Canopies -see contact details. Flags and Canopies will endeavour to respond in a timely fashion.

Contact Details

Please contact Flags and Canopies about privacy issues by post,  or email: 

Flags and Canopies Australia
L1,530 Little Collins Street


Privacy Policy

There may be variations in this Privacy Policy  from time to time and alterations will appear on this page.

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