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Terms and Conditions

Definitions of Terms and Conditions
“Agreement “ is to mean these terms and conditions and those detailed on the quote. “Charges means the fees charged for the supply of goods and services.  “Accessories” refers to any accessories specified in the quotation. “Deposit” refers to the advance payment (if any) required by Flags and Canopies Australia in relation to the goods specified in the quotation. “Force Majeure” means any event outside of Flags and Canopies control, with the inclusion of but not limited to high winds, extreme heat & cold, heavy rain, hail, lightning, terrorism, floods, fire, drought, civil disturbance and other such similar events. “Goods” means any goods, products, accessories included in the quotation/tax invoice purchased by the customer. The term “Custom Printing” means though is not limited to digital printing onto marquees & flags as ordered by customer. “Customer/Purchaser” means the company, person/s, organisation, company purchasing the goods as set out in the quotation/tax invoice.

 “Period” means the valid period of the quotation and unless otherwise specified all quotes are valid for a  30day period. “Quote” means the quote to which these conditions are attached. “Service” means the services and/ or work (if any) to be performed by Flags and Canopies Australia in conjunction with repairs as specified under the warranty, including but not limited to freight/ delivery & collection.


The customer/purchaser shall pay a minimum deposit of 50% to Flags and Canopies prior to the commencement of any custom printing. In the event of a cancellation of the goods & services by the customer, the deposit shall be retained by Flags and Canopies Australia as follows:
100% (one hundred percent) of the deposit shall be retained if cancellation occurs after the commencement of printing or after the commencement of building/manufacturing, unless otherwise agreed in writing by Flags and Canopies Australia.


The deposit will be returned in full, minus any bank or similar charges relating to the transfer if the order is cancelled prior to commencement of production


​2.  Payment: 
The customer shall pay the full outstanding balance of charges to Flags and Canopies Australia prior to dispatch. The charges unless otherwise stated are inclusive of GST. The customer shall pay all sums due to Flags and Canopies Australia in terms of this agreement without any set-off, deduction, counterclaim, and/or any other withholding of monies. If any amount due by the customer to Flags and Canopies Australia is not paid on the due date, then without prejudice to any other remedy to which Flags and Canopies Australia may be entitled, all such overdue amounts shall bear interest at 2% above Flags and Canopies Australia banks published minimum lending rate of interest per annum, compounded monthly in arrears.

3. Freight/Delivery: 
Flags and Canopies provides free delivery with all orders to one location Australia wide, certain remote locations may require the goods to be collected from a freight depot, the customer will be notified by Flags and Canopies at the quotation stage if there are any exceptions to door to door delivery.

All return freight costs to Flags and Canopies are borne by the customer. Flags and Canopies covers the cost of the return after repairs.Flags and Canopies use third party professional courier companies to deliver goods.In the event of goods being delayed as a result of third party courier issues Flags and Canopies will not be held responsible for any consequential loss from such a delay.

4. Backordered goods: 
In the event that some or all goods ordered by the customer are not available for immediate dispatch those goods will be placed on backorder only after full payment was been received and will be delivered to the customer when available.

5. Loss or damage of goods: 
The customer shall be responsible for any damage and/or loss due to the  negligence of the customer, misdirection and/or misuse of the goods. The customer should undertake to only use the goods for their intended purpose and in a safe & correct manner in accordance with any operating and/or safety instructions provided or supplied by Flags and Canopies. Flags and Canopies will not be held liable for damage caused by Force Majeure.

6. Wear & tear: 
Flags and Canopies Australia will bear no responsibility for general wear & tear with the exception of wear & tear caused by manufacturing defects.

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